Professor realizes his anxiety and irritability are due to more students passing his course.

    Professor ZZYYZZXX has been pissed off though out the entire school year without realizing the real cause. In an interview he told us, “Look I was just plain pissed. I would break the windows of my car, knock the toupee off the Dean’s head as I passed him in the halls, and I pissed out the classroom window hitting the gardener. I really don’t know why, I just felt like doing it.”

    One day while visiting a bonehead psychiatrist Mr. Diggiti-Doo-Doo at the Tit-tat Tart Fart Insane Asylum, the Professor had a break though. He realized the core of his anger was due to his students easily passing his course making him feel insecure about his job and questioned his knowledge. He instead believed he was a dipshit and incapable of failing anyone. 

    As a result he announced his retirement and will be starting a new career as a ball handler at the local tennis club. We wish you well Professor ZZYYZZXX.


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