Design Artists creating fashionware out of compost have a few "stinks" to work out

    Recently our students from fashion design class though it would be a great idea to save the planet by designing and creating green fashionware. 

    Armed with shovels, the team of students headed out in the cover of darkness and stole several hundred pounds of raw stinky compost.

    There were many problems though as they would not find the right shade of green or brown colors and the material was hard to sew together. See the students did not have a process of turning compost into cloth. They just figured using grass cuttings, dirt, and crap was good enough to slap together and then use tons of french perfumes to mask the smell of the crap.

    During this time, other students organized a fashion show with this new innovation but were unaware of the ongoing issues with crap. When the models arrived, they were told it was a charity natural earth event using shit in a 101 different ways.

    As the models walked down the runway, their compost smelly garments fell right off exposing them entirely. The head announcer just smiled and put the mic up to his mouth and said, "Welcome to natural birthday suit with a touoch of shit day."

    Well that was motivating to read, and we are proud the fashion design students tried something innovative. It was a shitter of a party.


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