Warning....This is a bullshit degree which means....not real....worthless.... crap....if you believe this is a real college, then you're a moron

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Copyright 2015 FukYu College

Welcome all to FukYu College.


We are a professional bogus school of crap, much different from those other ivy league yuppie trust fund places worldwide (just kidding). And we are certainly much different than your typical diploma mill.


We are a place selling funny novelty diplomas to those who would be proud to say, "I got my diploma at FukYu." Or give it to a love one, a friend, or someone else? Make a statement for yourself or for others. Just remember, when someone asks you where you got it, just say "FukYu".


Shown below, you can buy a novelty diploma, or buy our merchandise e.g. shirts, coffee mugs,stickers, ect all offered through CafePress.

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